In-Store Tanks & Stands

MEGA Matrix by Planet Aquariums

MEGA Matrix aquariums are offered in numerous sizes, ranging from 60 gallons to 450 gallons! Each size of aquarium can be configured up to 10 different ways & are made right here in the USA in Texas!

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Tideline Crystaline Series

Tideline's new Crystaline G2 Series is the whole package--literally! These complete kits include a Crystaline Low-Iron Glass tank with your choice of Internal or External overflow, an elegant & seamless pre-built stand with extra doors on both sides, and a Tideline Glass Refugium Sump with included soft plumbing--all under one price tag! 

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OceanVue Edge Reef Combos

Our OceanVue Edge tank and stand packages are perfect for those looking for a great quality aquarium and stand without spending a ton of money! Available in 50 & 70 gallons with either a Black or White stand, these combos include a Tideline Glass Refugium Sump & soft plumbing. 


Tideline AIO Aquariums

Tideline All-In-One aquariums are a high-quality yet affordable option for aquarium hobbyists. Tideline AIO Aquariums are hand made with high-quality automotive-grade glass. Front and side viewing panels feature low-iron glass for optimal clarity and help to best showcase the color of your tank inhabitants. Roomy filtration compartments allow you to customize your filtration. Sleek & seamless pre-built stands are available in 4 color options to integrate perfectly in any room!  

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Coralife LED BioCube

The Coralife LED BioCube is a high performance aquarium kit with a sleek modern stand & hood containing bright white, sparkling blue, and color enhancing LEDs. The BioCube has been a long-standing staple for first-time saltwater enthusiasts & reef-keeping veterans alike--and for good reason! Just about everything you need is right in the box, from the bevel-edged aquarium to state-of-the-art filtration to the fully programmable coral-ready LED light built into the hood. This plug-and-play kit is available in 16 gallons & 32 gallons.


Aqueon Pre-Drilled Aquariums

Aqueon Pre-Drilled Aquariums are reef-ready & budget friendly!  Each tank is equipped with the MegaFlow Overflow System, engineered to allow maximum water flow to the main filter system while greatly reducing cascading water sound. This Aqueon overflow system design draws water from the surface, mid-water, and bottom levels of your aquarium providing more effective circulation, filtration and eliminating dead water zones in your aquarium. Overflow Plumbing Kits come included with each tank.


Seapora Reef Ready Aquariums

 Seapora Reef-Ready Aquariums may not be as widely known as Aqueon, but they are every bit as good! These aquariums include diamond polished edges, black silicone, tempered glass panels for safety and durability, a top and bottom injection molded frame for maximum support, and a corner overflow box for media storage. Larger models feature a center brace to eliminate bowing. Overflow Plumbing Kits come included with each tank.


Quarantine Kits

All experienced reef keepers know that quarantining your fish is a must for serious hobbyists! Save time, money, and lives with these simple & effective Quarantine Kits offered in-store at Matt's. Plus, as an added bonus, you receive 15% OFF live rock & medication when you purchase one of these kits.